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Sunjeevan Yoga Treatment

Experience the transformative power of our renowned Sunjeevan Yoga Treatment. Harnessing the wisdom of ancient practices, this holistic approach addresses a wide range of ailments, from heart diseases to mental disorders.

Expertise Rooted in Tradition

Dr. S.V. Karandikar's 30 years of expertise in Modern Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Modern Physics come together to offer you a unique blend of knowledge. Our treatments are backed by rigorous research and a deep understanding of human health.

Passing Down Ancient Wisdom

Embrace the Guru Shishya tradition as we teach Astang Yoga and Hath Yoga, two ancient disciplines that pave the path to Moksha. Our teachings go beyond physical health, nurturing a balanced mind and body.

Global Reach, Lasting Impact

Our institute has welcomed students from around the world, from the USA to South Korea. Join the global movement of healing as our graduates carry Dr. Karandikar's legacy forward, spreading wellness and vitality across continents.


Sunjeevan Yoga: The Path to Holistic Healing

Discover the ancient art of Sunjeevan Yoga, a holistic approach to health and wellness that goes beyond mere physical fitness. Rooted in centuries of wisdom, this transformative practice encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, offering a path to rejuvenation and vibrant living.

Sunjeevan Yoga

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Sunjeevan Yoga. This ancient practice harmonizes your mind, body, and soul, fostering holistic well-being and vitality.


Our comprehensive range of treatments and therapies caters to a multitude of health concerns. Experience personalized care and healing that transcends conventional medicine.


Join our transformative courses to unlock the secrets of Sunjeevan Yoga and holistic health. Led by experts, these programs empower you to heal and inspire others on the path to well-being.

Words from Our Satisfied Guests

"Kabir bag is best place to avoid ur surgery, 3 month b4 my husband was faced spain problem dr suggest us go for surgery. But we went to Kabir bag Ashram . Kabir bags dr give assurance about treatment. After (10 days class ) treatment my husband is 100% fine"

Shilpa Gaikwad

"Currently, I am taking treatment for my back pain. I am certainly getting benefited using their “non-invasive” methodology. I strongly recommend this for any one who is looking forward for “non-invasive” approach"

Shrinivas Kale

"The place looks serene and surprisingly spacious once you get through the door. Specially being at the heart of the town you would be surprised to find parking within the campus. OPD is very well managed. Doctors are not flashy but senior and knowledgeable. No consulting fee unless you enroll for the treatment. Just heartwarming place.. Takes you to the roots of being Indian and its antiquity."

Saurabh Chaturvedi

"I have severe lower back pain. I took 10 day treatment or say training here and every day the lower back pain cured surprisingly without any medicine."

Yogeshwar Dargude

"Best place for alternative therapy. After trying out different methods and doctors for my frozen shoulder, I got instant relief in this place. Although complete recovery took some time, relief from constant pain was almost overnight. Dedicated staff and personal care is guaranteed."

Sameer Tarkar

"My Father had undergone Belt Therapy here. Very nice, clean and Calm place for meditation and all things offered by Math Sanstha"

Samrat Bachhav

"Definitely wil suggest this place for all the back pain , sciatica patients.i was suffering from severe sciatica pain. I have got 50% relief from extreme pain with in 10 days. Seems like surgery wil avoid due to treatment in kabir bag. Caring staff and clean place"

Sharayu Bhosale

"Good for spondylosis, lumbar, cervical and knee treatment with belt and rope therapy"

Vijay Kumar Singh

"Good for getting your body geometry in Shape but need to follow strict guidelines and course to attend,it is like catching your own fish. Learn train yourself ,it takes time not a quick crash therapy,it takes time and learning to understand and techniques, trainers are quite good experiences and help you to understand techniques of rope therapy. Min 10 day session is recommendation but that would be note enough and easy to practise at home though they suggest but lack of Indra at home and trained person becomes difficult to do yourself. Good but need time and patience as per my experience,PPL has different experience on their healing part. Parking available,Infra is good and staff are trained with hygiene maintained."

Nilesh “Flip N Art” Kadam

"It's really very good place my 4 family members go there and come back really very nice experience ❤️"

Aditi Arvind Gawande

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Address: Kabir Baugh Math Sanstha, 51, Narayan Peth, Next to Mati Ganapati Chowk, Kelkar Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411030, India

Phone: (020) 24450181, (020) 24484423, (020) 24480424. (M) : +91 9823029707

WhatsApp: +91 9823029707

Email : kabirbaug123@gmail.com

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